The Heart-Broken Type of Sugar Daddy You may Meet in Sugar Dating

type of sugar daddy

Sugar daddy also have bitter stories. Before labeling them as sugar daddies, you’d better realize that they are ordinary beings too. After suffering difficulties, they are hardly to go through them by himself. Hence, they will seek for a sugar daddy to relive his pain by chatting with him, listening to him and accompany him.

Some of them have will not tell others their heart broken story. Because talking to others will not make them feel better but only force them to recall painful memory again and again. This type of sugar daddy may be tough on the outside but sensitive and soft at heart. What you have to do is to be a good companionship, making your every effort to cheer him up.

I’ve met a person of this type one year ago. We would go out for a comedy, stroll near the sea or try a special dish in a new restaurant twice a week. Once, we heard a sad song from a street singer, and when I turned to look at him I saw him smiling bitterly with tears in his eyes. But I don’t know how to comfort him. Because he was smiling and he must wanna hide his weakness side from others. Under this situation, maybe quiet company is the best consolation.

Since we met, we never talk about deep feelings, all our conversations were about objective things, such as the performance of those characters in comedies, the weather or the current fashion style. Even we get along with each other like friends, we still keep the string in hearts that we are party A and party B relationship.

Our regular meeting lasted for half a year and he really changed a lot. Notwithstanding he will never forget his sorrow, he can speak it out calmly afterwards. Then, I became a good listener to his painful memory that his beloved wife and two daughters died in a car accident two years ago, however, he survived alone. He can not forgive himself for not follow them away and can’t stand the rest of life without them. To prevent him from giving his life up, his friends found me to accompany him regularly. After ending our regular dating relationship, we become real friends who will share happiness and tough time.

If you met your sugar daddy of this style, please be patient. Image you are familiar with him and behave like a sincere friend of him while he is in need of a good listener or companionship. Do not try to pull him off his sadness world with words which may make him emotional and you may get into a quarrel. Try to understand them cause they may encountered lost, divorce even a custody battle.

All i said here is not for me, but for you all. I just wanna share my sentiments from experiences with you. And I hope it helps.

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