Sugar Daddy Also Need To Care About Their Safety In Sugar Baby Dating

sugar daddy safety

Earning money quickly by being a sugar baby through online websites has became a popular trend among young women recent years. People would say it is unsafe for young girls who are weak in strength to meet sugar daddy offline. However, a case happened in Wollongong city of Australia changed public’s opinions.A sugar daddy was attacked.

As The Sun reported that a young girl named Shannon Haynes decided to be a sugar baby and started her hunting on social media in October last year. Requirements were written in her bio as she would provide intimacy service to exchange an allowance 560 pounds a week. Then her attractive appearance easily got attention from a 37-year-old sugar daddy. But when she talked to the man about the allowance, he cut it to 150 pounds every week uncomprosingly which irritated Shannon Haynes.

At the day of their first dating, Shannon asked her sugar daddy to pay her more than the approved price while they were having sex. The man refused and was going to leave. At the moment, two strange men came in with axe in hands, and they threatened the man to hand over more money. The sugar daddy was attacked in a fierce battle since he just had no more than 150 pounds with him. He finally could escape after he withdrew some crash from an ATM nearby.

The men with the axe were actually Shannon's accomplices. Luckily, the sugar daddy was taken to the hospital for treatment in time, and Sharon was also arrested with her associates. Even she tried to defend herself as a victim for her had no idea about her friends would bring an axe. However, the judge took Shannon’s attitude as an evidence because she sat by in the battle. Hence, she was sentenced to 20 months in prison and 12 months without parole. Her associates would be sentenced next month. We always think sugar babies as an vulnerable group in sugar daddy relationship, but we were blinded by this fixed ideas so that sugar daddies’ safety was ignored.

We’ve taught a lesson in this case.

1. Evil is gender-neutral. Tender sheep could become dangerous tiger when they face the temptation of profit. Therefore, sugar daddies’ personal safety are also be threatened by potential risks came from sugar babies.

2. Sugar daddies should be cautious of the strange young women met through social media. Websites are specialized in sugar dating match could be a good choice. Because those sites would verify users’ personal information seriously to create a peaceful and safe sugar baby dating environment.

3. If you feel dissatisfied with the approved items in your sugar relationship, you could have a calm talk with your sugar partner first. You can choose another sugardater if you two didn’t come to an agreement which is the best choice to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

4. When you was in a dangerous situation which may be harm for your life, You must behave submissively to protect yourself first. And if it is possible, you can seek for ripe moment to escape. But always remember that your life is more important than mere worldly possessions.

In a word, whoever you are, you have to be cautious of your physical safety in a sugar daddy relationship, and you’d better find a legit agency like sugardaddytoday to help you. Hope it works and you’ll enjoy it.

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