Ten Years Experience of Being A Sugar Daddy

experience of sugar daddy

A man working in a high-tech company in Silicon Valley expressed his opinions about sugar dating on Business Insider.

“Sugar dating is something more like an arranged temporary marriage, which you can decide as you wish.”He said,”As a sugar daddy, I feel that I always in honeymoon period, because I had many romantic nights with my sugar babies. It is a fact that most sugar daddies take themselves as a saviour for sugar babies. They thought they can pull those women out of painful mood and bring them a bright future. And this do help many girls.”This man is almost 60-year-old, who has an experience of being a sugar daddy for more than 10 years.

He thought many people have a prejudice against sugar babies.”I met lots of beautiful young women on sugar dating websites, and many of them are actually in need of financial help. But I still met some frauds who are difficult to be recognized.”According to his experience, we knew that a large amount of sugar babies are ordinary people with jobs and regular lifestyle. You may never know if she doesn’t tell you she is in a sugar daddy relationship.

At the end of our conversation, the sugar daddy give sugar babies some advice in sugar dating. And we concluded his words into five suggestions as follows:

Get Tough Skin

You have to prepare for the day when your relatives and intimated friends knew something about your things. There is going to be some mean words and a period of tough time even you get along with your sugar daddy like ordinary friends. But you take the money, then they’ll have some imaginations.

No Chance to Start Over

You have to learn more about this kind of relationship. It has something common with normal couples, and that is always an end after a beginning. So, you’d better not to make the situation too awkward when you are ending a relationship. If you rely on sugar daddy’s allowance for a living, you must save some money for unexpected things.

Protect Yourself and Others

Both of you have to do a health examination before you decide to be someone’s sugar baby. If you’ll have sex, a health examination is a must. It is good for both of your health, even your next generation.

Attention!!! Relationship Costs

As time goes by, you may be attracted by each other. However, you should never forget the reason why your relationship start. Because it may become a stone in your way along your relationship.

Know Each Other’s Needs

Different sugar daddy expect different things from sugar babies. You need to settle your deadline in sugar dating. And you also need to know sugar daddy’s demands before you make a decision. This can reduce a lot of unnecessary conflicts in the later days.

Get a Suagr Dating!

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