3 Best Tips for Sugar Daddy Dating in 2019

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Chat Topics

Will you worry about no topics to chat when you meet a potential sugar daddy or a probably sugar baby on sugar daddy dating sites ? In fact, there are always some topics can be chatted for thousand of times. Generally, prepared sugardaters will figure out the topics the other may concern about through the info in self-introductions. There is usually an age gap between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby after all.

6 topics you can choose to start your sugar dating conservation.

First, food and cooking.

It is a common but not so personal topic. No one will reject delicious food, so you can talk a lot about it. Whether the taste or the cooking style, even the foreign foods, you can spark many new conversations. Furthermore, you can get to know each other better or more possibly appoint a date for a meal.

Second, travel and journey.

Travel is also a part of everyone’s everyday life. Basically, everyone do travel and they are willing to share things happened in their journey. The funny things you encountered, the interesting people you met or the fantastic scenery you saw along the journey are all good topics to start a conservation.

Third, pet.

Pet is always a universal topic that nearly everyone may have something to say. They are kind of our families who can has their real names in sugar dating talk. If you happen to have the same pet, there will be so many things you can share. You can share the funny things your pets did, and you may find some common points which is good for your further sugar dating.

Fourth, things about yourself.

Self-experience sounds a little bit private but it is a good chance to know each other. On account of the particularity of sugar dating, sugardaters usually choose to keep privacy as a secret. However, this will not affect you to tell your stories. You can hide the names or use fake names of private info. Tell others about yourself could efficiently eliminate the business atmosphere of sugar daddy dating.

Fifth, personal hobbies.

Personal hobbies such as books, music, movies and others. Conversations about hobbies are the easiest ones can be used to talk with strangers. Based on these I list, topics like writers, singers, or movie stars will also become a part of your chatting. People love music as well as celebrity gossip. It could also become a good opportunity to go for a film together.

Sixth, sports.

Sports is a public topic. It is always connect with health and personal lifestyle. Talk about how to keep fit, how to lose weight or which team you are a fan of. Of course, the last one you’d better keep since you may be fans of opposite teams. However, how to keep healthy and form a healthy lifestyle mean a lot to everyone especially the older sugar daddy. It is a good one to attract their attention.

If you already experienced lots of sugar daddy dating or sugar baby dating, you may needn’t worry about the beginning talk. However, you probably have fixed answers for all common topics. It seems a little boring if you tell the same story to different sugar daddies or sugar babies again and again. But sometimes, you will meet someone who can influence you into a talkative person. He or she could lead you away your standard answers and you two will get a free talk. If you meet a person of this style, it will be a signal that you have feeling with him or her.


You need to make sure of your safety, when you go out with your potential sugar daddy or sugar baby. Even if you’ve already met each other for two or three times before, you still have to remain on the security alert. Some common senses for you to enjoy the dating excitements safely.

1.Choose a public dating place, the more familiar one is the better one.

2.Keep yourself sober, and don’t drink too much if you go for a drink somewhere.

3.Keep your glass in the sight and don’t leave for a toilet before you drink up.

4.Go home alone and reject his kindness if your potential sugar daddy want to drive you home.

5.Tell your best friend where to meet, who you’ll date with and when to come back about this dating if you are not afraid of her/his prejudice. Even more you could send they a real time location sharing.

6.If you feel uncomfortable about the other part’s words or behaviors in your sugar dating, you can leave early with an excuse. And after that, you must think twice about it.

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Success Rate

Never ghost others. It is a basic respect I thought. Even though you are not satisfied about the potential sugar baby or sugar daddy, you can tell him or her direct with a polite manner. Most ghost cases happened on sugar daddy dating process. Once a sugar baby feel the man isn’t the type of sugar daddy she want, she would ghost with no explanation. However, this could make a bad effect on sugar daddy dating, cause the people who are ghosted thought they met scammers. And the site they used will also been seen as a fake sugar dating site full of scammers and frauds.

It is hard to control the success rate on sugar daddy dating, since things never go as you want. But most sugardaters on dating sites are quite clearly about their goals and requirements, such as for money, for sex or companionship. Hence, you needn’t to worry about they would waste you too much time without getting benefits.

Sometimes, a good conversation can’t be the crucial signal that you’ll get a successful sugar dating. You may talk to someone for hours last a a week but been reject at the weekend. Things like this could happen, because sugar babies and sugar daddies may contact with several people at the same time. The most suitable one will be his or her choice. Therefore, don’t get too much expectation or emotion involved in the early stage.

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