2 Tips to How to Find an Online Sugar Daddy

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Tips here are collected from lots of successful sugar babies’ experiences. Most of them concluded these suggestions in hundreds of failures. It will be hard for you to get if you have no real experience. Once you set your mind to be a online sugar baby, you have to follow these tips to change yourself. Men are visual. Most of time, good-looking people have more convenience in every aspect of life wherever and whenever. There is a joke that Jon Steward said “Good! Now all we care about is your look.” to Bruce Jenner after he did a transsexual operation and became a she “Catherine Jenner” on Tonight Show.Take good use of the following advice to level yourself up.

Appearance and Dress up

If you’ll see someone wrote “I want a sugar baby can have a good talk with” on their profiles, you can’t completely believe it. It is just like you would describe your requirement as “want something more deeper, not only money”, but will you seriously date with a sugar daddy without enough money for your bills and monthly allowance? We can gloss over our profiles decently, but we all clearly know that the importance of things has order. Which is the major and the senior? Then think in the other part’s shoes. The recommended part of all sugar daddy dating sites would put members’ profile selfies on the most obvious spot. If someone is interested of you, he would click for more info about you. Hence, your profile picture means nothing but a chance to get a sugar dating or a sugar daddy.

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However, some girls haven’t aware it. I found many pics are blurry or people wear something like sunglasses or hats. Pictures like these can’t let people see your faces clearly even you had a perfect self-introduction, it missed the chances to be read by your potential sugar daddies. Further more, people with blurry profile pictures may be thought as scammers cause those pictures could been download from somewhere. It is also a good way help your filter some sugar daddies seems not so reliable though their pics. Only an attractive selfie can stimulate others’ interests to follow you longer.

How to choose an eye-catching profile photo

As to how to choose an attractive one as your profile photo, here are something you can remember when you pick.

First, show your whole face up, but not only face in the pic.

The best proportion is a half-length. Then dress yourself sexy but not revel too much skin. Red will be a good choice, cause it is a sexy color itself and it is eye-catching enough. Your potential sugar daddy can easily notice your selfie among tens of profiles.

Even in daily sugar dating, especially the first sugar daddy dating, you have to pay attention to your dress style. You must fully know your figure advantages and choose clothes could make your strengths outstanding. Suitable clothes are always better than beautiful clothes. Definitely, comfortable sensation is also a reference.

Second, get yourself a light make-up.

However, the best make-up is smile which not mean that you needn’t a make-up. Smile would make men thought you are approachable. Cordial feeling just happen at a second when he glanced at your photo. A light make-up is a basic but a smile could make it better. Of course, you ca choose other style of make-up, just one ting you have to keep in your mind. Everything need to be control in a reasonable scope, cause overaction usually leads a contrary result.

Last, make your hair and take off your glasses.

The easiest hairstyle is to use a curling iron to make your hair curly. A report said that women with curly hair are more feminine than those have straight hair. Even you have myopia, you should avoid wearing a pair of glasses when you taking a profile photo. Because people wear glasses would make themselves look stiff and serious. Contact lenses will be a good choice cause it can make your eyes with light and polish your image.

Nowadays, smart is a new sexy. Men would be surprise if you not only has a good-looking face. What kind of person you are? Maybe tender, caring , honest or ambitious? Whatever it is, show the most outstanding one. But in normal cases, a large amount of sugar daddies like sugar babies who are loyal and honest. Your personality is the second point they care about cause there are too many liars in this group. And everyone absolutely dislike been fool by others.

In the multi-dimensional diversity of today, there will be someone who treat you like a goddess. Be confident and be ready, opportunities will come for you.


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God never gives you more than you can handle. You have to figure out the difference between “ What kind of sugar daddy you want ” and “ What kind of sugar daddy you can get ”. To be honest, it just likes that you want a 500$ weekly allowance and you think you worth it. However, in others’ views, it is enough to give you a 300$ weekly allowance. The two concepts that What you want and what you can get are totally different.

If you are already over 30 and you want to find a sugar daddy below 40, with a nice personality and a handsome appearance, of course, there is a slim chance. But most times, if you has nothing quite special can attractive him, why will he choose you? Cinderella is just a story. In other words, Cinderella can meet her Prince not just for her beauty, but also for her other advantages. What we just mentioned before is that men are visual. They will check your profile photo first and then pay attention to your self-introduction. If a sugar daddy more care about your beauty, he will contact you. But if he want something more deeper based on a pretty face and a curvy figure, he will keep it for further seeking.

I mean you should find your position which could increase the rate of succeed. On the contrary, I am not asking you to low down your demands. Don’t set a target that out of your reach too much. Sometimes, following your heart will make you more happy that get a sugar daddy. After all, there is always a chance and no one exactly know what will happen next second.

Samantha said that good guys screw you, bad guys screw you and there are guys who do not know how to screw you in Sex and the City.

Ask, it will come to you. Knock, it will open. Go ahead, girls ! Get a sugar daddy!

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