How to Define the Legality in Sugar Dating Relationship in USA?

leaglity of sugar daing in usa

Last few years, more and more attractive young women from college students to single moms start to be sugar babies for solving their financial issues and satisfy their desire for rich lifestyle. Even charming young men also became a small portion of this group. Sugar daddies will give allowance and presents to sugar babies in exchange for sex or emotional needs. We called this sort of relationship sugar dating relationship.

Hence, questions like whether sugar dating relationship is illegal or what are the differences between prostitution and sugar dating relationship were came up by most people.

Is sugar dating relationship illegal in America? Morally speaking, various views exist in different heads. Compared to prostitution, sugar dating is more acceptable even though general thinking is that sugar dating relationship is immoral. Legally speaking, sugar dating relationship is possible to get involved in prostitution which was written in the 647 item in California criminal law. The conditions to define whether SDR should be classified into the scope of prostitution or not depend on two main points.

First, there must be a specified paper contract written about the deal that the two parties (sugar baby and sugar daddy) made for exchange between money and sex. The “money” here could be real estate, car, jewelry, luxury bags and some other specific objects.

Second, the two parties must sign on the paper contract. And if there is only oral agreement made, the crime fact isn’t established for no clear evidence.

But if there are also other services in this contract such as having meal together, watching movies together and travel together offered by the two parties. Then this kind of trade can not be defined as prostitution. And what are the differences between prostitution and sugar dating relationship in other aspects?

Prostitution usually performed as getting paid or gifts through having sex with different totally strange people. No string attached and no emotion attached.

However, sugar-dating-relationship means sugar daddy support sugar baby with allowance and gifts while sugar babies offer companionship or intimacy. But the dating form is similar to the ordinary lovers. They can go out for fun or just stay together killing time. Young women with financial issues will seek for sugar daddy who need companionship, and love may generate naturally between a man and a woman spending time together for a long while. Moreover, they may get married if their relationship is stable enough to accompany each other in their rest of life. So, the material differences between prostitution and sugar-dating-relationship are dating form and the feelings inputted.

Therefore, a mass of websites serving for sugar-dating-relationship seekers are created and this kind of websites are still sharply increasing. The result of their competitions would bring more meticulous and overall service for customers. Based on this development tendency, few could foresee the prospect of sugar dating industry.

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