First Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

first sugar date tips

Finally! We’ve come to talk about the Interesting part: the Sugar Dating.

The first sugar dating is a chance to get a good first impression. Since there must be a little bit difference between the images online and in reality, the first date is important for narrowing the psychological gap, which is decisive for a success in any potential sugar daddy relationships.

Most sugar daddies and sugar babies will know if they are willing to waste time having a deep communication with the other party after this date.

“My first date with a sugar daddy failed cause I didn’t get another date invitation after our dinner, only received polite ‘Goodbye and Goodnight’. How could this happen? I think it is absolutely related with the awkward atmosphere and endless silence.” A rejected sugar baby calling to tell her story about the first sugar daddy meeting. It is very common that dating with a strange will be an embarrassing experience at the first time. Even though a casual meeting without any purpose, people will be surrounded by awkwardness. Much less, you two approach each other with a secret objective, so it is understandable to sit quietly with rich mental activities. You may keep thinking--I have to say something but what should I start with, and then you just smile at the other one stiffly.

Success or failure in the first date for a possible arrangement will be decided immediately.

But it doesn’t mean you have to make it, because the first date is also an opportunity to reconfirm and cross out those you are not match with. Now that you appoint to meet in reality, both of you think it is a great possibility to get a sugar daddy or a sugar baby through this date.

To increase the success rate of your first sugar date, we compile some tips from awesome first sugar dating experiences as well as those from other sugar babies.

Choose Dating Site That Make You Relaxed

To avoid awkwardness, you could advise choosing the first dating spot yourself. Usually, sugar daddies would let you make the choice of dating spots recommended. Then you can pick out a place where you are more familiar with.

Anyway, somewhere public is a basic demand. Because of the sense of safety from familiarity feeling, you’ll behave more relaxed which will help show yourself naturally. Furthermore, easygoing behaviors can influence others, and then you are easier to have a comfortable conversation with your potential sugar daddy, leaving each other a nice impression.

Talk about Interests

Ask your potential sugar daddy’s interests before you meet, or you can guess what they’re into from your chats.If you have similar hobbies, that will be perfect. If not, you can collect some information online or from other ways. Of course, you needn’t to be an expert in anything they’re interested in, just getting a general idea about them is enough.

Then, you’ll not worry about what to start with your communication. Asking them several questions about those stuff and be a good listener to keep your conversation going on.

Conversation plays a crucial part in a successful sugar relationship. Sugar daddies mostly tend to appreciate sugar babies they can have pleased and comfortable conversations with.

Talking about someone’s favourite thing leads a good conversation. Moreover, if someone know something about your hobbies or your life, you may think he is really paying much attention on you and he is more likely a caring person, and vice versa.

Your Ease Is His Ease

Both of you might be nervous suffering from an sense of strangeness since you are not getting used to meet strangers especially sugar dating partner.

We’ve mentioned that a well-chosen dating spot is helpful for eliminating tension. And there is a psychological game could also help you a lot. Pretend to be an old friend of him, no benefit conflicts and no worries about the result.

Just have a casual talk with a certain friend came across in the street. And start with a greeting like “Hey! It’s nice to see you here. How was your day?” , and then talk something about his recent life, healthy condition. Of course you can tell him things are going on around you. Look at him directly when you are chatting. Don’t avoid eye contact, just smiling at him in return.

Before you meet, keep saying to yourself in the mind that this is an ordinary date with a close friend. Make yourself ease is making him ease. Slow down your speaking speed, with natural body language and facial expressions, you will peace yourself and your potential sugar daddy.

Leave Money Out

Communication between people like sugar daddy and sugar baby is not only about money for sex or cash for companionship. It also includes emotion interaction. So, even you see sugar baby as a job, do not talk abut the allowance during the first dating.

On the one hand, you haven’t come to an agreement on the sugar daddy relationship. On the other hand, it is not polite to talk about money at the first date.

Leave a little space for imagination

Keep your first sugar dating no more than two hours however a fantastic time you’ve spent with each other. It is a first date which probably is a dinner or a cup of coffee. Two hours’ first meeting is enough for each other to get a general impression. If he is interested in you, keep it mysterious is a perfect way to get another contact later.

Don’t be tempted by his invitations of other amazing things such as a shopping, a show, a party or anything else. Make him feel that you can be touched but can’t be caught. Then his curiosity will drive him to approach you while his ego will force him to impress you.

So you just need to let him aware that your time is also precious to you. Tell him you really enjoy this dating and decline his suggestions politely. Leave a little space for imagination and he’ll want more from you. It’s almost a successful first sugar date already.

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